Lua Version Manager - Managing and switching between different versions of Lua, LuaJIT and Luarocks made easy

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Lua Version Manager - luaver

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luaver helps to manage and switch between different versions of Lua, LuaJIT and Luarocks.


  1. Installs/Uninstalls any version of Lua, LuaJIT or luarocks with a single command.
  2. Switches between different versions of 'Lua', 'LuaJIT' or 'Luarocks' easily, without glitches.
  3. Consistency between 'Lua' and 'Luarocks' maintained - Rocks and configurations for different lua versions are stored differently.
  4. Every terminal session can have a different environment configured. Default versions can also be configured.

gif animation showing usage of luaver


Requires wget, make.

You may need to install some dependencies:

sudo apt-get install libreadline-dev 

Also, if you are planning to install older versions of Lua(which are 32-bit) on 64-bit machines, you may need to install some 32-bit libraries:

sudo apt-get install lib32ncurses5-dev


Install script

You can install from the script directly:

curl -o && . ./

Note: It will overwrite any in your current directory. Also, this file is no longer needed after the installation is complete.

Installation from Git Repository

First clone luaver on your local machine using git:

git clone

Then, run the installation script:

cd luaver
. ./


Sample usage:

luaver install 5.3.1             # Installs Lua version 5.3.1
luaver install 5.3.0             # Installs Lua version 5.3.0
luaver use 5.3.1                 # Switches to Lua version 5.3.1
luaver install-luarocks 2.3.0    # Installs Luarocks version 2.3.0
luaver uninstall 5.3.0           # Uninstalls Lua version 5.3.0

Complete usage:

luaver help

   luaver help                              Displays this message
   luaver install <version>                 Installs lua-<version>
   luaver use <version>                     Switches to lua-<version>
   luaver set-default <version>             Sets <version> as default for lua
   luaver unset-default                     Unsets the default lua version
   luaver uninstall <version>               Uninstalls lua-<version>
   luaver list                              Lists installed lua versions
   luaver install-luajit <version>          Installs luajit-<version>
   luaver use-luajit <version>              Switches to luajit-<version>
   luaver set-default-luajit <version>      Sets <version> as default for luajit
   luaver unset-default-luajit              Unsets the default luajit version
   luaver uninstall-luajit <version>        Uninstalls luajit-<version>
   luaver list-luajit                       Lists installed luajit versions
   luaver install-luarocks <version>        Installs luarocks<version>
   luaver use-luarocks <version>            Switches to luarocks-<version>
   luaver set-default-luarocks <version>    Sets <version> as default for luarocks
   luaver unset-default-luarocks            Unsets the default luarocks version
   luaver uninstall-luarocks <version>      Uninstalls luarocks-<version>
   luaver list-luarocks                     Lists all installed luarocks versions
   luaver current                           Lists present versions being used
   luaver version                           Displays luaver version


Feel free to file issues and submit pull requests – contributions are welcome.


luaver is licensed under the MIT license.